Health Point Press
About Health Point Press

Health Point Press, Inc., is a Los Angeles-based publishing company designed to produce, market, and sell quality books and booklets to specialized health markets. Health Point Press titles sell to the bookstore trade as well as to a large variety of non-traditional outlets.

The staff at Health Point Press is composed of talented and experienced publishing professionals. Our editorial personnel develop and edit manuscripts designed to meet the needs of specific audiences; our design and typesetting staff produce books primed for market attention; and our marketing and sales people provide effective distribution, promotion, and continuing sales.

Health Point Press provides each department with instant access to important information that enables each staff member to communicate quickly with others--all with the goal of creating the best products possible.

Our authors include individuals and organizations that are considered leaders in their respective fields. We publish a wide variety of holistic health titles targeted to many audiences.

At Health Point Press, we believe that educating both consumers and health-care professionals is of critical importance in today’s increasingly complicated health-care environment.